Safety Nets

The anti-insect Mesh Screen serves as a window protection against mosquitoes. Anti insect nets

Anti Insect Net is a patented technology that integrates two methods or control of greenhouse strips and other insects. The dual protecting significantly reduces the number of pests entering the structure while maintaining adequate air flow. As a result, fewer pesticide treatments are needed.

Benifits of safety nets

The first and foremost question anyone would ask is why to use Anti-insect nets and, what are the benefits of anti-insect nets? We will try to cover all the important questions regarding Anti-insects nets. 

Agriculture involves growing all kinds of crops. Crops are grown in soil which needs water, sunlight, and air. The natural surroundings are very important. Now, this means natural surroundings involve a lot of insects and pests that can harm the crop and the efforts are lost. 

Why are safety-nets used?

Anti-insect nets are used in order to prevent the insects from damaging the crops. It also doesn’t need any usage of harmful chemicals. Chemicals sometimes cause unnecessary damage to the crop and the natural properties of the crops are lost. Anti-insect nets let the crop grow naturally as it allows it to expose to the natural surrounding along with preventing it from insects and pests.